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zang: (( ))=    

fu: ( )( )=( )

Puzzle Example 12a4.5

<#yypuz 5><h,j 2> <y: {j}> <n: {h,j} {h} { }>
auth 12a4.5</yy>

Puzzle example 12a4.5, in outcome columns. The outcomes are from doing zang-fu good luck on the yyGram™ after substituting ( ), called "yang," for each name on a there-list and eliminating other names:

—some unseen yyGram—

yy col heads


{h, j}

Solution yyGram of puzzle 12a4.5, two equivalent forms:

(h(j))                  ((j)h)

The yygrams are equivalent because order is not important inside or outside enclosers. Only inside-outside matters.

The yygrams that fit this puzzle are asymmetric; the two names are at different enclosure depths. The columns of there-list also show this asymmetry.

Symmetry is often a useful clue in troubleshooting. Keep your symmetry eyes open.

This solution might appear in tweet format as

<#yygram 5> <ans: ((j)h)> auth 12a4.5</yy>

or as

<#yygram 5> <ans1: ((j)h)> <ans2: (h(j))> auth 12a4.5</yy>


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update 2012.4.10