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First-time Notes

Spammers please note: this is no place for you. This tiny community will respond only with annoyance, and it's negative business for you. Read my lips: "No new business!"

Privacy Disclaimer: Disqus is not totally under control from here. I (DZ, yyGrabmonster) do not make use of, nor transmit to others, personal information Disqus may gather beyond what is properly public AND immediately necessary to the open forum purpose.

When you see "yyGrams.com wants to set a cookie" it is the Disqus site, not yyGrams.com where the state info is processed. It does not seem essential to grant that permission, but I have not much experience to state that with high confidence.

Troubleshooting cautionary tales and "war stories" are welcome! How did you finally see around some particular confusion? What appealing hypothesis was hanging on despite contrary evidence? What false assumption was ruling unspoken?

What mystery is still resisting a solution?

This forum is also for arguing larger issues such as:—how and whether math beyond arithmetic should be taught—how and whether proof should be taught—how early to introduce zang-fu disappearance—the "sage on the stage" v. "guide on the side" tension.

For eloquent advocacy on the expositor, "sage" side of "sage v. guide" see the writings by Frank B. Allen, PhD: mathematicallycorrect.com outlink glyf. For advocacy and practical modeling for the "guide" role (approximately), see Dan Meyer: MrMeyer.comoutlink glyf Twitter: ddmeyeroutlink glyf

Maybe enough real field experience in learning and teaching, in classroom, home and on the road, will find its way here to be useful to you.

Twitter is the main public arena (sandlot) where yyGrams puzzles appear. The forum is mainly for answers to questions and puzzle tweets. Newcomer questions are handled with thoroughness and respect at least, if not always promptly, by me, the "mage on the page".

The forum engine provides for responding by email if you prefer. That's dialup-friendly! Jump in and try Disqus along with me. We're newbies together. Let's take care not to treat it as a "discus" war, hurling decapitation weapons at each other, but keep the accent on the second syllable: "discuss". [No, not that kind of "cuss" either, dammit!]


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